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emma gonzalez

illustration / characters / stories and series / posters
plastic arts / ceramic / portraits / paint and mural / drawing of models
design / branding / editorial / web
misc / furniture and decoration / jewellery / humor

emma gonzalez_jewellery_Necklace_Leather

m.j.01_Necklace. Leather

emma gonzalez_jewellery_Necklace_Leather and metal

m.j.02_Necklace. Leather and metal

emma gonzalez_jewellery_Necklaces. Leather and wood

m.j.03_Necklaces. Leather and wood

emma gonzalez_jewellery_Bracelets


emma gonzalez_jewellery_Bracelet. Multi color leather

m.j.05_Bracelet. Multi color leather.

emma gonzalez_jewellery_Goat's Hill. Handmade in Ireland

m.j.06_Goat's Hill. Handmade in Ireland.

emma gonzalez